In today’s sports landscape, success requires not only scoring goals on the field but also employing smart strategies off the field. For amateur clubs like KEWS Schoonbeek-Beverst, playing in Belgium’s 5th division, increasing engagement with the first team while building a thriving youth division is crucial. With a youth academy comprising 210 players, KEWS recognized the need to enhance their online presence. They partnered with us to create a more professional and engaging image, aiming to attract more support for both the first team and the youth programs.

Our strategy began with an in-depth competitor analysis to understand what worked well for other clubs and identify common pitfalls. By benchmarking Schoonbeek-Beverst against its competitors and continuously monitoring analytics, we pinpointed areas for improvement and differentiation. This data-driven approach allowed us to adopt best practices and implement targeted marketing actions tailored to the club’s specific goals. Establishing a strong, consistent brand was essential. We crafted a branding strategy that reflected Schoonbeek-Beverst’s unique identity and made the club stand out on social media. This involved selecting visual elements, tone of voice, and content themes that together formed a recognizable and attractive brand image.

KEWS Schoonbeek Beverst

Creating engaging content was at the heart of our strategy. We focused on producing high-quality, relevant content that resonated with the club’s supporters and potential new members. Regular updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, player profiles, and interactive posts fostered a sense of connection and excitement. To boost youth registrations, we designed specific campaigns targeting young athletes and their parents, highlighting the benefits of joining Schoonbeek-Beverst’s youth division. Success stories and testimonials from current youth members effectively communicated the value of being part of the club.

50 Nieuwe Leden KEWS Schoonbeek Beverst

The results of our efforts have been transformative. KEWS Schoonbeek-Beverst now boasts a professional and cohesive branding strategy that has significantly strengthened its online presence. Insights from competitor analysis led to targeted improvements, better positioning the club against rivals. On Instagram, the club saw a 120.4% increase in new followers in 2024 (and the year is not over yet). High-quality content increased interaction and community engagement, while targeted youth campaigns resulted in over 50 new registrations, growing the youth division to 260 players for the next season.

Looking forward to the upcoming season, our aim is to build on this year’s achievements and continue advancing KEWS Schoonbeek-Beverst. We will refine our strategies, deepen our understanding of our fans, and ensure our content aligns with their interests. Staying close to our community, we will listen to their ideas and make everyone feel part of the club. Our focus on young players remains strong, as we support their growth and maintain robust youth teams. Committed to continuous improvement, we strive to make KEWS Schoonbeek-Beverst a club where everyone feels they belong.

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