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 Sports without an audience sounds absurd, but an audience without sport is even worse. That’s why content creation is so important for clubs and brands. Nowadays it is essential for every brand to have a strong digital presence in order to optimally reach their target audience. How do you satisfy that online audience? What is your communication strategy?

Here are some insights we gathered over the course of many projects that may boost your marketing performance!

The audience values the lens you use in your communication, so what is your vision?

— Be A Legend

Who, but why?

Delivering good content to your fanbase and audience can be a tough challenge. Not only the timing is crucial in issuing content, but also the message behind each publication. What we often notice is that companies and brands don’t have an underlying strategy for their communication and thus it all seems a bit random. For an effective communication style, one must establish a strong brand identity first.

To refer to Simon Sinek; people are mostly interested in ‘why’ your brand is doing what it is doing, the ‘what’ and ‘how’ are secondary. We all know someone’s identity is more than merely their DNA, it includes their personality and motivations.

Start communicating your mission; the feeling and experience with your brand are the root for loyalty and salience.

— Be A Legend

Let's illustrate that.

With our expertise in sports marketing, Be A Legend has helped several sports clubs with providing content according to their mission and objectives. One of those sports teams is the basketball team Hubo Limburg United that takes pride in being a family club. Keeping this in mind, Be A Legend has been providing them with cinematographic content that reflects their values.

In the content piece below, you will find elements that echo that family-focused sentiment. Showing a lot of fans throughout the whole video makes the fans part of the protagonists. You will also find the featured fans to be diverse and passionate about their club. All these elements add up to support Hubo Limburg United’s message of being a family club. In case we only showed the sports highlights, this message of their core value would have been lost.

The footage in combination with the soundtrack builds up to a climactic momentum the victory of the basketball cup. The game has mostly been shot from the point of view of the fans, the United Family. Their support was an indisputable force and is reflected in the video.

— Miet Mouha, Business Community Manager at Hubo Limburg United

The next steps.

Of course, it can be difficult to find a narrative that fits within your branding and at the same time attracts your audience. Every sound communication strategy finds its roots in the mission and vision, so, lead with those. Who are you as a sports club / brand? Where do you want to establish yourself among competitors and why would consumers go for your product / service? In case you are having trouble implementing your brand identity into your marketing communication, Be A Legend is happy to upscale your club to its true potential.

Once you have decided upon a messaging strategy, it is vital that all content is tailored according to the consumer’s needs. Graphically appealing social media posts and strong copywriting will spark more engagement which is an organic and powerful means to spread your brand across the audience.

When creating content, it is also important to understand your target audience and how you can reach them online. Users of social / digital media want everything as effortlessly as possible and personalized. Therefore, make it about them and facilitate the digital consumer in absorbing the key message.

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In conclusion...

To wrap up, we noticed as a sports marketing agency that many brands and clubs have no communication strategy. However, it is vital to implement your mission and vision in the communication in order to establish a unique and powerful tone of voice. This will result in having content that resonates the feelings of the audience which in turn can increase engagement. A unique tone of voice and engagement are among the key sources of brand awareness and fanbase-growth.

Key takeaways

Digital Consumer

Strong digital presence is necessary in today’s world

Lack of strategy

Major pitfall is not having an underlying strategy for your communication

Brand Identity

Make sure to reflect your brand identity in the communication


Consumer wants tailored content that touches them personally

Efficient Content

Graphically appealing social media content is optimal for organic reach

Tone of voice

Important to have a unique tone of voice