Limburg athletes join forces in a beautiful video

In Limburg we have a lot of talented athletes and professional sports teams. 2020 disrupted all of their ambitious plans. That is why media company Be Λ Legend, together with a number of professional clubs and athletes, joined forces to show that the Limburg sports scene is still alive.

“The idea of bringing Limburg athletes together for a promotional spot arose in the early months of the corona crisis”, says Wouter Biesemans, founder of Be Λ Legend. “Sports suddenly became almost impossible and many clubs faced an uncertain, financial future. Fortunately, the different clubs and athletes were able to get back to work faster than expected, but we still felt the need to support them in a creative way. With this video we show that Limburg still belongs to the top of Belgian, even in times of corona.”

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The idea of bringing Limburg athletes together.

— Wouter Biesemans, Be A Legend


“Football was hit hard, but most clubs were able to build up a financial buffer to get through the crisis”, says Wolke Janssens, football player of STVV. “If we can help and support other Limburg athletes in this way with STVV, we are happy to do so. This project was put together in a very professional way. Us football players cannot complain, but the smaller sports do not always get the attention they deserve. This video is a beautiful example where all different sports categories unite.”

When we were asked to participate in this production, i immediatly showed interest.

— Wolke Janssens, STVV


“When we were asked to participate in this production, i immediatly showed interest.”, says handball player Quinten Colman of Sezoens Achilles Bocholt. “This collaboration between Limburg sports clubs across various sports categories is very inspiring.

After the abrupt end of last season, hopefully every athlete will have extra desire to make it a new and unforgettable season.” Wouter Biesemans immediately confirms Colman’s words: “To give athletes and supporters enthusiasm. That’s why we made this video. We support each other, we support our sports families and we support Limburg.

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This collaboration between Limburg sports clubs across the various sports branches is very inspiring.

— Quinten Colman, Sezoens Achilles Bocholt

Participating clubs & players

KRC Genk (Bryan Heynen), STVV (Wolke Janssens), Hubo Limburg United (Leander Dedroog), VC Greenyard Maaseik (Pieter Verhees), Limburg Shotguns (Michael David), Patro-Eisden Maasmechelen (Wouter Corstjens), Lommel SK (Glenn Neven), Futsal Team Tongeren (Naser Skeric), Balletschool Véronique Lenaers (Marie Cornoedus) , Jaraco Ladies Volley Limburg (Helena Gilson), Sezoens Achilles Bocholt (Quinten Colman) Tennissers: Joran Vliegen & Sander Gillé, Boksers: Michiel Partoens & Renate Monard.