KRC Genk Ladies – Media day

It's always an honour to have the women of KRC Genk in front of our lens. They have come a long way and are building bit by bit a decent foundation for the future! Be A Legend wants to help them build their road to success as well, we want to help to close the gap between women and men in football. Media is big part of that story, glad we can help our customer with that part!

This year, we wanted to provide them again with some cool content they could use during the whole year. Think of all the images for match days, halftime, goals,... But also fill their personal social media's with some exceptional portraits, and not to forget, an unique teamposter!

As we are able to create these kind of teamposters, the players can make an appointment whenever they want to take their pictures. We fix it all in postproduction. Think of the possibilities... Think of transfers during winter, where we can just replace the players that change club by the new ones.


KRC Genk Ladies - Be A Legend - DIGITAL MARKETING - Content Creation

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