STVV – Media day

Every year, Be A Legend, provides the coolest and cleanest portraits for STVV. High quality, unique concepts are always our standard. Every year we do something extra, with a touch of legendary. In a year where COVID-19 is still omnipresent, what a better way is there to involve fans into the portraits!



The fans can’t be present anymore in the stadiums at the moment. With Be A Legend we created a concept where the fans and the city are also a big part of the portrait. To remind the fans and the players that there is still a connection. STVV created a campaign on social media for all the fans out there, that they are still “present” in the club.

Cristian Brüls - STVV
Daniel Schmidt - STVV
Mboyo - STVV
Colidio - STVV

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