The Idea

SF mentality

MissionMe has as mission statement: “We believe we can change everyone into the best version of themselves.”Their theory, which is applied at the Special Forces, can be applied on every person in the world. It is based upon 3 pillars: mental readiness/resilience, physical endurance and education. They split up their domains into privates and businesses, as a private customer, you can already start at the age of 12 to overcome fears.A business that wants to have an elite team, with exceptional team spirit… look no further. THERE IS NO I IN TEAM! (sorry, not sorry)

Content? Content!

Since most of the revenue was coming through leads from social media (yes of course we analysed the data!), it is extremely important to have good content that made you want to dive in their theory and put into practice.We were put in charge of all the content for social media, strategy and planning. All the designs were made by us as well. Do you feel the legendary content?

Boy climbing

Stay Stylish

As you know, stories are more and more integrated for all kind of businesses. However, many find it difficult to maintain the same style. With our designs we helped them to stay true to their look-and-feel. We can integrate them on any mobile phone, so that every story fits their quality standard. Same filters, same overlays,… No amateur stuff…

Ready to publish?

What the team of MissionMe does with people, we tried to do with their content. Stitch it together until 1 whole team, where every post serves with a purpose and every hashtag has it's result. MissionMe is ready for 2021, is your company already legendary?

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