REAL tec is a well-known Belgian manufacturer of high-quality goalkeeper gloves. They have been in the business for many years and have built a reputation for producing gloves that are both reliable and durable. However, their brand image was in need of a revamp to better reflect their commitment to producing top-notch goalkeeper gloves. That's when they decided to partner with Be A Legend to help them in the process of rebranding and create a strong online presence.


During the rebranding process for REAL tec, we aimed to create a brand identity that stood out in the market. To achieve this, we used a really bright green as the main color, which helped the brand stand out from the rest. This vibrant green color conveys the energy, passion, and innovation that REAL tec brings to the goalkeeper gloves industry. By using this bold and memorable color, we were able to create a unique and recognizable brand identity for REAL tec that truly reflects their values and commitment to producing top-quality gloves.


No marketing without a decent website! So we created a new website that featured an online webshop. The website was designed to be modern, user-friendly, and responsive, allowing customers to easily navigate through the product offerings and make purchases. The online webshop provides a seamless shopping experience, where customers can browse and select the goalkeeper gloves they need and add them to their cart for easy checkout. This addition has enabled REAL tec to reach a wider audience, improve their sales, and provide their customers with a convenient and reliable platform to purchase their products.


In addition to designing a new website with an online webshop, we also created engaging digital content to increase REAL tec's online presence. This included social media campaigns, product descriptions optimized for search engines, and other effective digital marketing strategies. Although it is too early to see the results of these efforts, we are confident that the new brand identity and digital platform will help REAL tec to reach a wider audience, improve their sales, and establish a strong online presence in the goalkeeper gloves industry.


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