At Be A Legend, we had the privilege of working with Uitvaartzorg van der Aa, a funeral care center that provides exceptional services for families during difficult times. The owner, Anse van der Aa, is the youngest girl in Belgium to start her own funeral center, a testament to her passion and dedication to serving the community.

Our team was tasked with creating a comprehensive branding strategy that would not only highlight the compassionate and professional approach of Uitvaartzorg van der Aa but also make their services easily accessible to those in need.

To achieve this, we designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively communicates the services offered by Uitvaartzorg van der Aa. Our team ensured that the website was optimized for SEO, with relevant keywords and metadata incorporated throughout the content. This ensures that potential clients searching for funeral care services in the local area are more likely to find Uitvaartzorg van der Aa's website and choose their services.

In addition to the website, we also created offline marketing materials in the form of flyers that were distributed through postal services. These flyers were designed with the same branding strategy in mind, featuring the same warm, inviting colors such as gold and messaging as the website. The use of gold color symbolizes the value and importance of the services provided by Uitvaartzorg van der Aa, and creates a cohesive brand identity that is both professional and compassionate.

The branding elements were carefully chosen to reflect the core message of "gewoon mooi afscheid nemen," which translates to "just taking a beautiful farewell" in English. We wanted to communicate to potential clients that their loved ones would receive the utmost care and respect during this difficult time.

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Overall, we are proud to have worked with Uitvaartzorg van der Aa to create a comprehensive branding strategy that effectively communicates their services to those in need. Our SEO-friendly website and offline marketing materials are designed to attract potential clients and ensure that Uitvaartzorg van der Aa remains a trusted and reliable funeral care center in the local community.


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