Entering the NFT market

Fantasy Football Legends

As we are a multidisciplinary team, we force ourselves to constantly innovate. We know NFT’s are trending, everyone wants to make a quick million and become filthy rich… Well, it is not that simple, so we wanted to create a testcase to see where the complexity lies and what problems to overcome… So we had some fun in creating this project and learning everything about NFT’s. Are we already planning to buy Lamborghinis? Not yet…

What did we create?

So we created a fun project, based upon football. Fantasy Football Legends! Since use of images of most football teams jerseys and the images of their players are restricted by contractual obligations and image rights agreements, we chose not to use real or existing names, designs or brands. Instead we started with a blank canvas and created our own shirts, players and settings. Once the images and videos were randomly generated, we generated player profile data and skill data. All data is summarised in the collectable. Some of the players will have more rare traits then others, making them more valuable to collect for their visual traits, others will have a better rating making them more likely to buy for their skills/data (some will have both).

So we created 1 division (there will be more divisions). 13 teams each with 27 players. We release player packs every week. We launch 25 players at a time. The first 25 buyers will have the advantage of knowing when future players will be released, which gives them an advantage in buying the collectibles.

We found out, like many already did, that the difficult part of NFT’s is giving them a real purpose or extension where no other can have this advantage. Selling plain or simple images will not lead to success in the market, unless they become real collectors items that cannot be duplicated..


Collectables with expansion possibilities

Unique Personality

Every Fantasy Player has unique traits, even personal data is been generated. No 2 players are the same.


When buying one of our NFT's, the buyer will receive also all data from all players in his division. Giving the opportunity to see which players are still to be released or... the create a own game based upon this data.


All players have unique set of data defining their football skills, this results in a general rating on how well they perform.


By releasing the data, we hope developers will be inspired to use our cross-platform NFT's. By these games we hope to inspire youngster as well for the love of the game.

Own your own player

Visit the project page on OpenSea and see all available players.

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