To become better, to be a legend

Future Star is a football program that aims to strengthen the technical skills of young soccer players. The goal is to prepare the youth as well as possible for their future endeavours in soccer. Therefore, Future Star wants to offer their assistance to as many players as possible in order to help them evolve. Be A Legend jumps on that bandwagon and made content to help spread Future Star's message.

All-round content creation

At Be A Legend we like to offer whole strategic solutions rather than just a content piece. For that reason we are involved in the whole content making process. For this project we filmed and photographed a training session and created graphic designs for multiple channels. We also provided several strategic options and copywriting material.

The Social Media Approach

When looking at the target audience of Future Star, we concluded social media would be the optimal channel for this demographic. The graphic content is optimised for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The copywriting is written in such a way it appeals to both the young soccer players and the parents (DMU). For brand consistency, we created templates that can be used for future communication with easy adaptations.

Graphic Design

Be A Legend did the photography and cinematography for this project as well as making graphic design with that media. The images and video's depict the underlining message of what Future Star stands for; technical skill development in a fun and supportive environment.


In order to optimise the brand consistency, we created graphic designs with the brand elements. These designs act as templates for images and video's in order to make the brand easily identifiable and stand out.


Be A Legend supplied the client with copywriting material that can be used when posting the content. We always seek to share our expertise and insights in order to help our clients.

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