What we did

  • Campaign Brainstorm
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Video Script
  • Video production
  • Social Campaign
  • Social Design
  • Planning
  • Press Release

We are getting closer to the post-covid era. With things slowly getting back to normal, it is the perfect time to promote local sport. Although many local sport clubs have suffered by losing members or closing doors, sport is still alive in Beringen. The sport council in partnership with Be A Legend, launched a campaign to welcome back members of sports clubs who have not been active and inspire new members to participate in local sport.

The campaign aims to highlight the benefits of engaging in sports, both for physical and mental health. The sport council has organized a series of events, such as open days and sports tournaments, to showcase the variety of sports available in Beringen. The campaign also emphasizes the social aspect of sports, as it is an excellent way to meet new people and make friends. The initiative has received positive feedback from the community, and many locals have expressed interest in joining sports clubs. By promoting local sports, the campaign hopes to bring people together and create a sense of community spirit, which is vital for Beringen's post-covid recovery.

Online Presence

Social Media Campaign

During the month August, all socials of Beringen advertised the different sports available in the city. Carefully planned as posts, stories, videos in order to lead them all to the sports website from the city where the new members could subscribe. Giving all sports and clubs more members for the new season by (re)introducing them to the diversity in the world of sport. Beringen has a lot to offer.


Closing the campaign with a bang! A commercial for all sports together, one video to rule them all! Starring special guests Sabrina Bellavia and Hans Vanwijn! Have a look and spread the word… Sport is back!